Unscripted Design.net

Unscripted Design.net

So I have made the leap and got myself a domain and hosting!  I had to think about it for a while and with the deal being so so so so good I figured, WHY NOT?

Of course I will keep this site in the back burner until the day I decide to let go of my domain.  For now … PLEASE VISIT MY NEW HOME


Thanks everyone! See you there!!

Put Some Ink on that Page

Put Some Ink on that Page

“Drawing is exercise for the restless imagination”
– Tim Burton

I believe I have found some inspiration to get back into my art.  I have been longing to draw again but I didn’t have the motivation.  Finally, I found something to bring back my spark to hold that pencil once again.

Something was telling me to login into my old art account and so I did. I looked at my old artwork and it was really making me miss drawing.  I was browsing around and came by this artist, Kerby Rosanes and WOW … I just fell in love with his work.  This particular piece was what really took my breath away.  I noticed that it was drawn on both pages of a moleskin journal and this really inspired me to do the same!  I have been out of the drawing world for so long so why not start on a small scale and draw on a Read more

No Avocados Please

No Avocados Please

So I have recently learned that I really did not like avocados but for a purely accidental biological reason. I’m allergic.  I never had a good experience with them but it never occurred to me before that there was a link to each even I ate anything with avocados.

I never really liked avocados to begin with.  I always avoided them and if they were in the food I was eating, I would just push them to the side and not touch them.  However, for the times where I did consume them, I always felt gross after.  For example, one time during an office luncheon, I ate California sushi rolls which I normally don’t like anyway but I wanted to finish what was on my plate so I did.  There were about 5 pieces with some avocado in each piece and I didn’t think much of it because the amount is so small and the taste is masked by everything else in there anyways.  Cut to 3 or 4 hours later, my stomach felt like a perfect storm in there.  My head was burning up. I was so incredibly nauseous that I was running back and forth to the bathroom 5 times in a span of half an hour throwing up until it felt like my stomach couldn’t take anymore because it was so empty.  I was sweating profusely but Read more

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Just like that, Christmas has already come and gone.  All those days of frantically shopping and fighting elbows to buy gifts seem like such a blur and kind of feel like it didn’t even happen.  How quickly things happen and you don’t even realize it.

Now the year is almost at an end and a new year is about to start.  I don’t know what the new year is going to hold.  This 2017 year in particular has been a strange and difficult one for me and now I try not to think too much about what the future holds.  I know it is ultimately up to me on how to mold my future but still there’s always that anxiety and mental stress that comes along with it.  It’s inevitable. I do have a couple plans here and there but we’ll see how things are when the year starts.

I do have a couple of typical goals (as I feel there should be at least some goals so that one has SOMETHING to look forward to and strive for) that I would like to try.  They are only goals at that as I know that sometimes things don’t follow through as planned.  That’s why I don’t call them “resolutions” anymore.  I feel like there’s so much pressure in using that word and the rep it has does cause failure in actually achieving them, at least it does for me.

  • Start doing some yoga

    This is not just for exercise and trying to be fit and all that.  It goes much more deeper than that for me. I like that idea of learning to breathe and put yourself in a calmer state and be “zen”. 
    Read more

  • Anticipated Reading

    Anticipated Reading

    So for the most part of this year I have been more in touch with reading.  Like I have said before in a previous entry,  my time to really sit down and read has been limited but I have really put more effort into this year, taking whatever time I DO have to read whatever is on my pending reading list. I even bought a couple of books just so I have something on my ebook reader and it will make me want to read and not waste my money by it just sitting there.  Plus, that ebook reader was a gift from my husband for Mother’s Day because he knew that I used to love reading so much and he wanted me to continue that passion.  I love him so much.  In turn for Father’s Day, I bought him one too!  He was never normally a reader but over the years he started reading more and found the joy of being engulfed in a book!  He even read more books than me at one point and I was hilariously quite surprised by it.  So why not share in that passion together?  I got him his Kobo e-reader and he was so excited and happy when I put a couple of books in there that he had been wanting to read for quite some time.

    I had set myself a goal for this year to read at least four books by the end of the year.  I know it doesn’t seem like much AT ALL in comparison to avid readers out there but I wanted to set a realistic goal for myself knowing that my time to read is limited.  Now, not only did I read four books, I surpassed it by three books so SEVEN books in total!!  Now, mind you, a couple of them were Audiobooks but it’s still a win for me because it’s still books that I never would otherwise have been able to read.  Read more

    Holidays and Traditions

    Holidays and Traditions

    I meant to blog earlier but I had to fight a cold for a good long while.  It was not very pleasant.  I had taken two days off from work to run errands and go to appointments, only to get sick on the second day.  Luckily it was before a weekend so I had some time to rest but it really was not enough.  I still managed to drag my ass to work the following week but that’s not without feeling like crap the whole time.  I managed through it somehow.  My son got sick too, poor kid.  Thank goodness we are all better now.  It would suck to continue being sick with the holidays so close by.

    We are almost done our Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness.  The malls are crazy, not to mention part of your day going to these places are spent looking for parking.  Going early enough in the day helps to beat the rush.  Christmas shopping can be daunting but on the positive side of things, it’s a family day for us.  It’s nice to be able to go out, the three of us, and enjoy whatever it is we are doing.  Even it means rubbing shoulders with other disgruntled shoppers.  I think we only have four people left on our list.  My in-laws, my brother-in-law and my mother.  I know we have ideas for my father-in-law and my brother-in-law but my mother-in-law and my mom are difficult to shop for sometimes.  We never know what they want. I think my husband said that they will be “amazon” gifts this year.  That’s the great benefit of being able to shop online.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.  With all the running around we’ve already done, I think it’s nice to be able to just shop online for the rest.  Read more

    Among The Thorns

    Among The Thorns

    I finished a quick little novella last night I wanted to share it. “Among the Thorns” by Veronica Schanoes is a retelling of an old Brothers Grimm fairytale, The Jew In The Thorn.

    I came across this while searching for fairytale related books because I’ve always been a fan of fairytales. I enjoy all versions, especially the darker toned ones.  This is probably why I was drawn to this one.  A tale of a girl who vowed revenge for the brutal death of her beloved father?  Who doesn’t love a good revenge story.

    They made my father dance in thorns before they killed him.  I used to think that this was a metaphor, that they beat him with thorny vines, perhaps.  But I was wrong about that.

    They made him dance.

    Like I said, this is a novella so it was a very very short read.  I kind of wished that it was longer just for the sole selfish reason that I wanted her vengeance to be more fulfilling, detailed, in-depth, and exceptionally executed.  Regardless, it was a satisfying tale of revenge that made me say, “this girl is BAD ASS”.  It’s not just about revenge though.  It also depicts the attributes of love, family, loyalty, greed, prejudice, ignorance and how all those things intertwine with each other leading to dire results, naturally.  The ending was swift but sweet and I very much enjoyed it more than I thought I would!