Organization of Life

Organization of Life

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be organized.  Not just organized in a cleaning sense but I guess organized as in “let’s get my shit together” as well.  It did start with organizing a little at home.  I took a good opportunity to do some cleaning and organizing while my son was napping and I was enjoying myself.  It always feels good when things are nice and clean.  It feels even better when stuff is actually organized and not just piled in some hot mess, hidden behind closed doors – *remembers Friend’s episode where Monica has her closet of shame*.

I only did SOME though.  I got to organize the kitchen a bit and some of the cupboards.  It was enough to satisfy this need to clean that I have been having lately.  I still have a lot to do upstairs because I also do have my own “closet of shame”.  That’s something for tomorrow then.

I think I’m straying off the real point here.  I think my point is that my need to clean and organize also branches into my need to clean and organize my life as well.  Life is hectic, as we all know and we just go about our days trying to deal with it but not really doing too much about it.  For the most part I do feel like there isn’t much we can do about it because life IS grand and we never know which way things will turn.  We end up worrying about how our lives are going to be fucked and there’s only so much we can do.

During my cleaning and organizing though, I started thinking, what if we stop worrying so much?  Why can’t we just accept the fact that this particular event happened and instead of accepting our fate that we could be doomed, we could actually try to figure something out.  Something that could either fix the problem or at least slow it down a little so we can catch up.  We can actually try to take some initiative in making a turn in life, but we do it ourselves.

It was like I was having this internal conversation with myself while I was trying to fit more cups in the cupboard.  You make it sound so easy that we can just change our lives like that.  Good point. No.  It’s not that easy. It never is but at least give it a try.  You can have that chance to say to yourself that I tried!  Better than coasting through life making you it’s bitch as you cower like a scared dog every time something doesn’t go your way.  Why not stand up and say, “Okay.  So this happened.  What can I do to make this day better?  What are my options?”

There’s always a choice.  One or two choices you may not like but they’re there.  It could be an opportunity for something new that you never considered, or something you’ve thought about before and now here’s a chance to go for it.  It might not be an easy road but at least you’re not just going about your days dealing with it.  You’re actually trying to DO something about it.

That’s where I am at right now with all this.  I have choices to make, opportunities to create and I have to take up as much strength and and courage as I can in this 5 foot 1 inch body of mine to do it.  It won’t be easy, it will be hard, there will be a lot of tears but hey.  I have an amazing family, great friends and that beautiful smile of my son will get me going no matter what turn life decides to throw at me.


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