Curl Up with A Blanket

Curl Up with A Blanket

The title says just that. I want to curl up with a blanket in this cold weather with a hot cup of coffee and read.  I have to say, that is one of the things I miss most about having some extra free time.  My free time is only at nights when my son is asleep and by that time, I just want to sleep.

I miss reading a good book though.  I still get to read once in a while but I can’t fully engage myself in a book because I just always end up dozing off.  I am in the middle of 3 or 4 current books at the moment and each are equally good that it’s hard to concentrate on just one.  I am trying to find my specific tastes in books and I have to say it’s not that easy.  My mind wants to be open to numerous genres and that’s probably a good thing.

I also started listening to audiobooks since I have longer commutes to and from work and honestly, that’s helped a lot.  It’s not just the story that makes a good book but when it comes to audiobooks in particular, the narrator makes A BIG DIFFERENCE.  There have been a couple of books that I was very very interested in reading but when I heard the voice and dictations of the narrators, I was so put off.  One book (that I was soooo excited to listen to by the way), “Uprooted” by Naomi Novik, that attempted to listen to, the narrator had a very difficult accent to understand (I’m sure it was to make the story sound more authentic, but still) and not only that, she seemed so monotone and lifeless.  It was supposed to be a story of fantasy, thrill and dark tones but her voice was monotonous, boring and distracting.  It was a disappointment.  I guess I’m going to have to just “read” it, not listen to it HAHA.

What I did enjoy was “Nefertiti” by Michelle Moran.  The narrator had a pleasant voice and her voices matched the tones and characters very well.  It added well to the already great gripping story of her era in Ancient Egypt and I was smitten.  So much so, that I just started another book of Moran’s “The Heretic Queen” which is kind of a sequel to “Nefertiti”.  Same narrator so I was quite happy.

So speaking of that book, I have had a liking lately to historical fiction because of it.  Something about taking real life stories and putting a spin on it without ruining the nature of the history is gripping to me.  It’s like it’s taking me back to those days and I get to have an insight into that life and era.  It’s interesting.  I am not normally into non-fiction, so historical fiction, is a nice compromise.

Then there’s the completely other route of genres, Young Adult Fiction (haha).  I am a bit of a sucker for these but I don’t just read whatever I can get my hands on.  The premise still has to get my attention and it has to be something I am interested in.  For example, I love fairy tales so “The Lunar Chronicles” by Marissa Meyer has caught my attention so far already reading 3 out of the 4 because of the premise of using Fairy Tale characters like Cinderella and Red Riding Hood with a modern spin to it in a fantasy type setting.  It’s adventure, action and romance that makes me giggle like a little school girl and I am not ashamed to admit.  Reading can be just pure fun too, not just to challenge the mind and achieve knowledge.  I am allowed to indulge.  It’s like having that ONE chocolate bar after a week of having nothing but healthy veggies and quinoa and only pure boring old chicken breast.  I don’t know why I am laughing hysterically as I wrote that.  Probably because that’s what’s happening to me right now actually in real life (I had my chocolate bar last night).

So I am pretty excited now to just curl up in my bed with a nice fluffy blanket to read one of my books.  Hopefully my son sleeps at a decent time tonight so I can get to it.  Thank goodness I don’t have to work a 4am shift tomorrow so I can afford to stay up a little longer and enjoy myself with a nice book.

One thought on “Curl Up with A Blanket

  1. I’m feeling something similar with this cold weather. Tonight I made myself a hot cup of tea and did some painting. It felt really good! I do miss reading though. I used to do it a lot when I was younger, and I guess I fell out of it. I’d like to get back into it some time.

    Audiobooks sound like a great idea, especially for long commutes. I know of friends who do the same, and I should really look into those too. I can understand how the narrator would make a big difference!

    I haven’t really tried out historical fiction. A lot of my go-tos are mysteries, especially crime ones. I just love how a good one can really pull you in. I hope you’ll be able to find more time to read!


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