Among The Thorns

Among The Thorns

I finished a quick little novella last night I wanted to share it. “Among the Thorns” by Veronica Schanoes is a retelling of an old Brothers Grimm fairytale, The Jew In The Thorn.

I came across this while searching for fairytale related books because I’ve always been a fan of fairytales. I enjoy all versions, especially the darker toned ones.  This is probably why I was drawn to this one.  A tale of a girl who vowed revenge for the brutal death of her beloved father?  Who doesn’t love a good revenge story.

They made my father dance in thorns before they killed him.  I used to think that this was a metaphor, that they beat him with thorny vines, perhaps.  But I was wrong about that.

They made him dance.

Like I said, this is a novella so it was a very very short read.  I kind of wished that it was longer just for the sole selfish reason that I wanted her vengeance to be more fulfilling, detailed, in-depth, and exceptionally executed.  Regardless, it was a satisfying tale of revenge that made me say, “this girl is BAD ASS”.  It’s not just about revenge though.  It also depicts the attributes of love, family, loyalty, greed, prejudice, ignorance and how all those things intertwine with each other leading to dire results, naturally.  The ending was swift but sweet and I very much enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

One thought on “Among The Thorns

  1. Ah, I like the darker fairy tales too! I’m not familiar with The Jew in The Thorn, but that sounds awesome to read an adaptation of it. Sometimes short reads can be nice, though I can see how you’d want it to be more in-depth. Sounds like a good read!


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