Holidays and Traditions

Holidays and Traditions

I meant to blog earlier but I had to fight a cold for a good long while.  It was not very pleasant.  I had taken two days off from work to run errands and go to appointments, only to get sick on the second day.  Luckily it was before a weekend so I had some time to rest but it really was not enough.  I still managed to drag my ass to work the following week but that’s not without feeling like crap the whole time.  I managed through it somehow.  My son got sick too, poor kid.  Thank goodness we are all better now.  It would suck to continue being sick with the holidays so close by.

We are almost done our Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness.  The malls are crazy, not to mention part of your day going to these places are spent looking for parking.  Going early enough in the day helps to beat the rush.  Christmas shopping can be daunting but on the positive side of things, it’s a family day for us.  It’s nice to be able to go out, the three of us, and enjoy whatever it is we are doing.  Even it means rubbing shoulders with other disgruntled shoppers.  I think we only have four people left on our list.  My in-laws, my brother-in-law and my mother.  I know we have ideas for my father-in-law and my brother-in-law but my mother-in-law and my mom are difficult to shop for sometimes.  We never know what they want. I think my husband said that they will be “amazon” gifts this year.  That’s the great benefit of being able to shop online.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.  With all the running around we’ve already done, I think it’s nice to be able to just shop online for the rest.  Ugh, that frustration though of not knowing what to get … You always want to find that perfect gift.  I know that it doesn’t have to be elaborate or anything but still, you want that gift to mean something.  I think that’s the hardest part about Christmas shopping.

My husband and I started our very own Christmas tradition a few years ago.  Basically, every year, we each get to pick one ornament to call our own to put on the tree.  Only one.  Up to each person what they want to get.  It doesn’t have to match our tree theme, it’s based solely on our own choice.  It usually reflects something that we have loved and cherished throughout the year and/or a very fond memory that we may have.  For example, last year, I was obsessed with baking.  It was something that brought me so much joy so for my ornament, I bought a cute little rolling pin on top of a biscuit saying “Little Baker in Training”.  I think my previous years were Hello Kitty (yes I absolutely loved Hello Kitty), Tim Horton’s coffee cup and timbit donuts (Tim Horton’s is this very popular Canadian food coffee chain – kind of like a Starbucks if you will) because I love my coffee and I would get a cup of coffee there every morning before work.  I remember my husband getting a mini Chicago Blackhawks hockey player (his favourite hockey team), a little Nemo (one of his favourite Disney movies) and also a mini deer mount with big antlers saying “Man Cave” since he hunts and was in love with his man cave when we moved in this place.  Now that we have a son, this is his second year having his “own” ornament.  Last year, it was a cute little moose with his name on it.  This year, it’s a small Skye, his favourite character from one of his favourite shows, “Paw Patrol”.

So it’s a great little tradition we started and we love it so much because we felt it was nice to start a family tradition.  Something to call our own.  I admit, growing up, my mom loved her Christmas tree a certain way.  Always kept to a theme and didn’t really like other ornaments that didn’t have a place to be on the tree.  Now that I have my own tree, I can do what I like.  We do have our set colors but having these special ornaments that we collect over the years shows variety and nostalgia.  It’s not just a pretty tree. It’s a tree of memories.

The funny thing about the tree this year is that it looks pretty hilarious right now.  Pretty much only the TOP half of the tree is decorated.  That’s what happens when you have a curious toddler around.  He kept taking the ornaments off the tree and throwing them down the stairs (if you have ever seen the movie “Home Alone”, we like to refer to our stairs as the “Home Alone” stairs because you step on something and you’re shrieking with pain because you stepped on a toy or lego pieces.  Fucking hurts LOL Below image says it all.  Fitting that it’s from “Home Alone”).


So far though, my husband and I still haven’t found our ornaments this year.  We got so caught up in other things that we just haven’t really thought about it.  Hopefully we can still find one, otherwise we are just happy that our son, at least, got his this year.  This tradition is really for him so that hopefully, he can keep this tradition for the years to come and continue to follow it with his own family in the future.

Do you guys have your own special traditions?  It doesn’t have to relate to Christmas.  Just any tradition that unique to you and/or your family.  Something that is special and dear to your heart. I would LOVE to hear it!

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