Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Just like that, Christmas has already come and gone.  All those days of frantically shopping and fighting elbows to buy gifts seem like such a blur and kind of feel like it didn’t even happen.  How quickly things happen and you don’t even realize it.

Now the year is almost at an end and a new year is about to start.  I don’t know what the new year is going to hold.  This 2017 year in particular has been a strange and difficult one for me and now I try not to think too much about what the future holds.  I know it is ultimately up to me on how to mold my future but still there’s always that anxiety and mental stress that comes along with it.  It’s inevitable. I do have a couple plans here and there but we’ll see how things are when the year starts.

I do have a couple of typical goals (as I feel there should be at least some goals so that one has SOMETHING to look forward to and strive for) that I would like to try.  They are only goals at that as I know that sometimes things don’t follow through as planned.  That’s why I don’t call them “resolutions” anymore.  I feel like there’s so much pressure in using that word and the rep it has does cause failure in actually achieving them, at least it does for me.

  • Start doing some yoga

    This is not just for exercise and trying to be fit and all that.  It goes much more deeper than that for me. I like that idea of learning to breathe and put yourself in a calmer state and be “zen”. 

    I think this might help my anxiety a little and help myself separate from the harshness of the outside world even if it’s just for 10 minutes (kind of like how people read books to escape).  That idea coupled with being able to make my body stretch and do crazy things that I otherwise never thought I could ever do EVER would be a nice feat.

  • Possibly go back to school

    This is pure ambition really.  I was thinking of taking one of those part-time certificate programs to be a MOA (Medical office Assistant).  I enjoy working in offices and doing admin work and I’ve always wanted to work in a doctor’s office.  Since most certificate programs are about a year or less, I’m thinking it might work out that I can do a part-time program so I can still take care of my son and not too have pressure on study time.  Might work too if I can have a part-time job as well.  We’ll see.

  • Get back to my hobbies

    I used to have a great passion in art and photography.  It’s been too long since I’ve had quality time with my sketchbook and just draw our my heart’s desires.  It’s also been a while since I’ve held my DLSR in my hands and take beautiful photos.  A part of me has always wanted to be freelance photographer in portrait photography because I love taking pictures of people in memorable parts of their lives.  I am in no way at all at a professional level but I would love to have the chance to work my way towards it.  If even I can just practice and do a few sessions here and there with friends, I would absolutely LOVE IT.  I actually want to practice with my son by taking him out somewhere and just take pictures of him all day and spend some time editing the photos.  I used to spend HOURS and HOURS on my photoshop just doing that before and I really do miss it.  I would love to build up a portfolio of some sort and hopefully have my own website and maybe have some clients in the future.  Just need some practice first and get my bearings back.  I feel like I can’t remember how to do all the settings anymore.  I’ll see if I can get back to it in the spring when all the pretty flowers and sunshine start to show again.

  • Have another baby?

    This is a possibility.  It’s not necessarily a goal but it is something that my husband and I do want sometime in the future.  We just want one more child to feel “complete” when it comes to our family.  My husband also really wants a baby girl.  So do I.  I’ve always wanted to have a son AND a daughter.  Plus, I feel like my son would really really enjoy having a sibling.  He loves playing with other kids and I think it would be great for him to have someone to play with and have a close sibling bond with because he is the most sweetest and loving child ever. He would be an incredible big brother.  So this could happen next year or maybe even the year after.  Who knows.

  • So there’s my wish list for next year.  I know most people do a “year in review” but I felt like doing the opposite and just state my hopes for the new year.  It’s like that whole thing about not looking back on the past and just keep moving forward.  “Onwards and upwards!” the CEO of my company always says.  It’s a great motto and I wonder why I haven’t appreciated that phrase until now.

    So I hope that everyone has a great new year and I hope that whatever goals/resolutions you guys may have for the future will be achieved and blossom into something greater than you can ever imagine.


    3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

    1. I’ve thought about trying yoga too! In the mean time, I’ve been meditating for that “zen” moment, which has helped a lot. That would also be neat if you did a certificate program. If it lets you work in the field that you want, then that sounds like a good idea!

      I hope you’ll find your passion for your hobbies again. Getting back into art last year made me so happy, and it’s good to have hobbies in you life! I also wish you luck on another baby! My husband and I both grew up with a sibling, so we were thinking of having two as well.

      I hope 2018 will be a good year for you!


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