No Avocados Please

No Avocados Please

So I have recently learned that I really did not like avocados but for a purely accidental biological reason. I’m allergic.  I never had a good experience with them but it never occurred to me before that there was a link to each even I ate anything with avocados.

I never really liked avocados to begin with.  I always avoided them and if they were in the food I was eating, I would just push them to the side and not touch them.  However, for the times where I did consume them, I always felt gross after.  For example, one time during an office luncheon, I ate California sushi rolls which I normally don’t like anyway but I wanted to finish what was on my plate so I did.  There were about 5 pieces with some avocado in each piece and I didn’t think much of it because the amount is so small and the taste is masked by everything else in there anyways.  Cut to 3 or 4 hours later, my stomach felt like a perfect storm in there.  My head was burning up. I was so incredibly nauseous that I was running back and forth to the bathroom 5 times in a span of half an hour throwing up until it felt like my stomach couldn’t take anymore because it was so empty.  I was sweating profusely but I was still feeling so cold.  It was a feeling that I never ever wanted to feel ever again.  I ended up going home early that day because I just could not take anymore of it and it was rendering me useless at work.

That incident was what got me investigating because I did not think it was anything to do with avocados at that time.  I just thought that I had a bad batch of California rolls and got some kind of food poisoning.  My coworkers had no such adverse reactions to their rolls so it really got me thinking what the hell else it could be.  Then I started to think about all the other times I consumed some avocado and it clicked.  I had similar (but less painful) reactions when I ate guacamole, a breakfast sandwich but a slice of avocado, a bite of avocado egg salad that I made for my husband when I was taste testing and the list goes on a bit.  I now remember feeling off on each of those days and it never dawned on me why.

So I did some research and apparently it actually is a thing.  Some people do have these kinds of reactions to avocado!  Definitely made me feel better about disliking avocado in the first place since people were always surprised when I told them I hated avocados.  Now I have a legit reason to not like them.

What are your allergies?

4 thoughts on “No Avocados Please

  1. Ah weird! I know there can be allergies to pretty much anything, but until now, I didn’t know anyone with an avocado allergy. That’s nice that you have an explanation to your reaction to avocados at least! This reminds me of when it finally dawned on me that I was lactose intolerant, haha. As for allergies, I have a minor food allergy to certain raw fruits, like apples, pears, and cherries. They make my throat itch but don’t cause any serious problems otherwise. Oddly enough, I’m totally fine if they’re cooked!


  2. It’s great that you figured out what the problem was and can know that avoiding avocado in the future is the best option. It’s not just because you dislike them, but because they have an awful effect. Sometimes our bodies give us these hints, but we don’t realise until later.

    I kind of like avocado but I stopped eating it when I ate one that might have been out of date and got very sick. I just can’t look at one again and consider eating it haha.


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