Put Some Ink on that Page

Put Some Ink on that Page

“Drawing is exercise for the restless imagination”
– Tim Burton

I believe I have found some inspiration to get back into my art.  I have been longing to draw again but I didn’t have the motivation.  Finally, I found something to bring back my spark to hold that pencil once again.

Something was telling me to login into my old art account and so I did. I looked at my old artwork and it was really making me miss drawing.  I was browsing around and came by this artist, Kerby Rosanes and WOW … I just fell in love with his work.  This particular piece was what really took my breath away.  I noticed that it was drawn on both pages of a moleskin journal and this really inspired me to do the same!  I have been out of the drawing world for so long so why not start on a small scale and draw on a small sketchbook so that I can bring it around with me and sketch whenever I feel like it?

My own little pocket sketchbook

So I found this little gem in Walmart actually and it is so cute and small that I thought it was perfect!  For me, this would be a great way to ease myself back into art.  I wouldn’t feel that incredible pressure of drawing something on such a large canvas.  I never draw well on high pressure.  I just end up getting frustrated and leave my work to the side to not be seen again for months, even years.  I have so many unfinished pieces sitting in my closet and I always feel intimidated to continue them.  This, however, is perfect.  It’s small and like I said before, I can bring it around with me in my purse.  I freaking love it.

I’ve started on a couple of little sketches already here and there.  Let me tell you, it feel great to feel that pencil in my hand again.  I feel like I can finally let myself in again through it.  I needed a outlet of some sort and I am glad that I found something to have my emotions flow through.  I hope to fill out that book and have my own little personal gallery to bring around with me.

So I hope I can finally start posting more on that instagram account again with some of my artwork.  I warn you, they might not be good at first just because it has been so long since I’ve drawn anything.  That’s what’s great about documenting your work though.  You get to see the progress in yourself and see how you evolve and how you find your style.

One thought on “Put Some Ink on that Page

  1. Congratulations on finding the inspiration and motivation to pick up the pencil and start sketching again. The pocket sketchbook looks like a really cool book to have, so you can sketch a number of designs or ideas. 😀 I hope you will start posting more work! 🙂

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