FB_IMG_1512513535037.jpgHello! I’m Lee. I’m a simple early-thirties wife and mother residing in BC, Canada. I love to cook and bake for my family and friends.  I am constantly looking for recipes to try or trying to create my own. What can I say, I love food.

I also love art.  I love to draw with different mediums, whether it be pencil, markers, digital etc.  Being a mother I don’t have much time to actually draw as much anymore but if I ever get some spare time, I indulge myself in picking up my beloved drawing pencils and sketchbook and draw whatever my heart wants to draw.

I am also an avid reader.  I used to be a crazy reader but again, time is always of the essence and I just try to read when I can.  Thank goodness for an E-reader (as a WONDERFUL gift from my husband) as I bring it around with me no matter where I go in the comfort of my purse.  I also do Audiobooks as my commutes to and from work can be pretty lengthy and it’s great to still be able to get lost in a story during my long commutes. I have made it a goal though to read as many books as possible in a year because I want to get back in touch with my love for books and reading.  If you are curious in my book tastes and status, you can visit my Goodreads account!


I have been blogging and doing sites for a very long time.  I think the very first time I attempted in making websites and dabbling in HTML was about 12.  I’ve been on and off it over the years as time consumes my life (as I’m sure everyone’s).  This “Unscripted Design” is actually a new born blog, as I like to call it, because I just started Nov 2017.  My sites were always called “Wickedful” over the number of years.  Just up until I started this particular blog, I was hosted on a subdomain until I finally made the decision to retire her.  “Wickedful” has been a long time friend and has been good to me over the years so I will always cherish her in the blogging world.  But here comes a new dawn and I hope I can have as much fun with “Unscripted Design”.


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