Bucket List

I have always wanted to try a lot of new things and feel accomplished somehow in life so I started a bucket list a long long time ago. I may not get all of these done in my lifetime but I might as well try! These aren’t in order. I just added as I went along.

1. Be able to go visit my homeland but as a tourist.
2. Have a food fight.
3. Sell one of my artworks/photographs.
4. Design a tattoo for someone and they actually get it done.
5. Visit Japan.
6. See a shooting star.
7. Go to the zoo.
7. Be debt-free.
8. Win a championship of some sort.
9. Go to London.
10. Learn to drive manual/standard and actually keep it up.
11. Get engaged.
12. Get married.
13. Have children.
14. Quit smoking.
15. Fly first class.
16. Get to my goal weight.
17. Be fluent in French.
18. Be conversational in Cantonese.
19. Go on a cruise.
20. Go to Hawaii.
21. Be a bridesmaid.
22. Be in a school play.
23. Have my own dog/cat.
24. Move out.
25. Save someone’s life.
26. Learn to knit/crochet.
27. Have a love song/written for me.
28. Have a street name named after me.
29. Go swimming in a public fountain and get escorted out of the premises
30. Get my second tattoo that I designed myself.
31. Fire a real gun.
32. Learn a martial art or boxing.
33. Go horseback riding to get rid of my fear of horses.
34. Go to Disneyland.
35. Take a pole dancing class.
36. Ride on a motorcycle.
37. Try my hand at being a wedding photographer.
38. Try my hand at being a makeup artist.
39. Upload a video on youtube.
40. Cuddle with a tiger.
41. Kiss under mistletoe.
42. See a Cirque De Soleil show.
43. Meet Bruno Mars.
44. Publish a book.
45. Swim with Dolphins.
46. Learn to pick a lock like in the movies.
47. Be a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune.
48. Win something on a radio station.
49. Win the lottery that is more than $10.
50. Go skinny dipping.
51. Get a piercing.
52. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.
53. Catch a fish.
54. Find the love of my life.
55. Have a movie-moment.
56. Create a website.
57. Have my own domain.
58. Try archery.
59. Go on vacation with someone other than my family.
60. See a bear in real life.
61. Crack a whip.
62. Sing a song on stage in front of tons of people.
63. Prepare and cook an entire 3-course meal.
64. Complete a Pinterest DIY project.
65. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
66. Learn to pump my own gas.
67. Change my own tire.
68. Carve a pumpkin that will not fall apart in the middle of carving.
69. Camp in the backyard.
70. Drive a sportscar.
71. Buy something on Ebay.
72. Own a Harry Potter wand.
73. Eat a deep friend Mars Bar.
74. Buy a DSLR camera.
75. Dress up as Catwoman for Halloween.
76. Attend a comicon or fan expo of some sort.
77. Be in an actual movie.
78. Meet Ryan Gosling or see him in person at least.
79. Bury a time capsule.
80. Not drink coffee for a week straight.
81. Make my own bubbletea (that I actually like).
82. Have one my own songs recorded.
83. Break a record.
84. Go go-karting.
85. See Bruno Mars live.
86. Get promoted at a workplace.
87. Try being a nurse.
88. Be a maid-of-honour.
89. Be a voice for some cartoon.
90. Learn Japanese.
91. Have my own turtle.
92. Finish reading a book in less than a week.
93. Become a yoga person who can hold crazy poses