Anticipated Reading

Anticipated Reading

So for the most part of this year I have been more in touch with reading.  Like I have said before in a previous entry,  my time to really sit down and read has been limited but I have really put more effort into this year, taking whatever time I DO have to read whatever is on my pending reading list. I even bought a couple of books just so I have something on my ebook reader and it will make me want to read and not waste my money by it just sitting there.  Plus, that ebook reader was a gift from my husband for Mother’s Day because he knew that I used to love reading so much and he wanted me to continue that passion.  I love him so much.  In turn for Father’s Day, I bought him one too!  He was never normally a reader but over the years he started reading more and found the joy of being engulfed in a book!  He even read more books than me at one point and I was hilariously quite surprised by it.  So why not share in that passion together?  I got him his Kobo e-reader and he was so excited and happy when I put a couple of books in there that he had been wanting to read for quite some time.

I had set myself a goal for this year to read at least four books by the end of the year.  I know it doesn’t seem like much AT ALL in comparison to avid readers out there but I wanted to set a realistic goal for myself knowing that my time to read is limited.  Now, not only did I read four books, I surpassed it by three books so SEVEN books in total!!  Now, mind you, a couple of them were Audiobooks but it’s still a win for me because it’s still books that I never would otherwise have been able to read.  For me, instead of listening to podcasts or music or that drab, repetitive radio on my daily commutes to and from work, I was listening to books!  Really, that’s an accomplishment for me, and I don’t care what people say.  I enjoy a book regardless of medium and I am happy with it.

I will eventually do an entry on a list of the books I have read over the past year but this time I actually want to talk about the books that I am anticipating reading because I didn’t get a chance to this past 2017.  I’ll do my “already  read” list in 2018 to commemorate the previous year.

I love fairy tales.  It’s no surprise.  It started with a little box of fairy tale books that my parents bought me when I was a little child and I have loved them ever since.  Over the years, I loved all kinds of fairy tales even the darker themed ones.  That’s why I am excited to read this one, UPROOTED by Naomi Novik.  It’s a tale of a dark and powerful wizard who is otherwise known as “The Dragon” that demands a sacrifice of one young woman every ten years as an exchange for his help on keeping a village safe from a dark and malevolent power, the WOOD.  It follows a girl who fears the next choosing as her best friend may be the next sacrifice but it seems she’s fearing the wrong things and a twist may ensue.


I have been on a binge lately for historical fiction, mostly on ancient Egypt but I wanted to try something different in that genre.  I saw this book and it lured me in.  I wanted a love story but in a cheesy “Fabio” fashion.  I wanted beautiful love story of love, loss and perseverance in a old fashion setting and I think this book may have all that.  It’s a story of two young lovers in Prague having their fate changed and shattered by the invasion of the Nazi regime only to possibly be given a second chance at love decades later in America by a chance glance.  Apparently it’s a tear jerker that really tug at your heart strings.  I’m intrigued.


So back to my love of fairytales, the “Lunar Chronicles” is a bit of a twist and loosely based on the fairytales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and etc.  “Winter” is book four of the series. I jump back and forth to YA novels and I only really pick and choose them because some of the novels in this genre are not really to my liking. This one was actually pretty good and since I’ve already gone as far as to read the first three, I have to continue and read ALL OF THEM!  These ones are a fast read for me and I am actually excited to read this one and see what further adventure this group of characters are going to be pitted up again next!!

So I while I am not really a big “zombie” fan,  I was an avid “The Walking Dead” show fan.  My husband and I would binge watch the episodes and get that excited but anxious feeling while waiting for the next episode to see what happens next.  It was a good stressful anxiety, if that makes any sense.  So I do have small place in my heart for zombie genres when it’s done right.  From what I’m gathering about this book, this is NOT A TYPICAL zombie story.  Apparently, there is nothing traditional about this book and even “zombie haters” have given good praises about this book.  The story is based on a post-zombie apocalypse where some children are infected but somehow have retained their intelligence. Security measures are still in place for these children as they live in a school.  It follows one particular girl who is a start pupil and knows nothing but her life in the school and doesn’t seem to even understand why she is there or what she is until one day when her whole life changes and has to decide which side of life she has to choose.  I’m excited to read this as apparently it’s eerie, creepy but exciting and unexpected!

So these are just a FEW of the anticipated books I want to read.  I could add like seven more books to this list but I think that’s a bit much.  I have to finish what is on my “current” reading list first as I am still trying to finish 3 books right now LOL.

What’s on your pending list?

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